Cost of Living

Cost of living in Sydney is said to be approximately around AU$1000 per months.  But it may vary depending on the lifestyles. This covers accommodation, food and transport but does not allow for luxuries, entertainment or a car.  

Your living costs will depend upon your lifestyle. However, DIMIA suggests that students will need a minimum of $AU 12,000 per year (not including tuition) to cover living expenses.

Share Accommodation costs

You will need approximately $AU 2,000 to pay for the first month's rent and a rental bond (security deposit), household goods and connection fees for telephone, gas and electricity if you want to set up a share house with friends.

Approximately $15 per week will be needed for gas, electricity and water charges (more in Winter).

Buy a phone card for International calls.

Transport costs

Food and personal items

Fresh food can be bought at a reasonable price at one of Melbourne's many fresh food markets. Inexpensive clothing and personal items are readily available.

Food will cost approximately $80 per week. Below is a guide to the cost of basic food and personal items

Food ($AU)

* Milk 1 litre $1.50
* Bread 1 loaf $2.00
* Apples 1 kg $2.00
* Potatoes 1 kg $1.50
* Steak 1 kg $13.00
* Eggs 1 dozen $3.00
* Corn Flakes 310g $2.50
* Fruit Juice 2 litres $3.00


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